Are you a group of people or are you a team? Is there enough trust to talk openly? Can you master a crisis? Are you rather blaming or supporting each other? We shouldn't begin a chapter by asking too many questions. So only one more: Have you ever bothered to see the person behind the function?

The Team & Development approach of mindfracking comes as a byproduct of our innovation program. We noticed that experimental traveling does a lot positive to teams. Once we take people out of their office chairs and deprive them of their key competences only their personal dimensions remain.

We apply methods that challenge people to show more of their personality. No, this is not about alcohol and a beach club. We are talking about small adventures that most likely are not on your list of 100-things-to-do-before-you-die. All participants can show off their total incompetence in the exercises offered. Now that is a base to become human again!

For our clients we offer 3 formats: