A friend of ours was recently diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. She had only a year left to live. Optimistically, that was. After overcoming the initial shock she started to evaluate every aspect of her life. She didn’t quit her job. But she started to work in a different department. She didn’t go on a journey around the world. But she met with a lot of people she had lost touch with. “It was such a great overall experience” she said years later “and I don’t even mind that my diagnosis was false to begin with.”

Why are we telling this story? Because mortality is also our starting point to our approach to disruption. Sometimes a little change is not enough. Think about what it would take to annihilate your company. Your department. Your field of business. Your strategy. Your job…

We start with a funeral. And then we take a few steps back. Where should we have made a different turn? Where can we beat history? Disruptions are also a part of evolution. This is how we see it. Let’s squeeze evolution in a small timeframe and experience the impact.

For our clients we offer 2 formats: