Of course - the story goes differently every time. But the build-up of most companies show strong parallels: Someone thinks something can be done better (or at least equally good) and starts a new enterprise. The company gets under way and if the initial calculations were not utterly wrong it grows. Still, the founder or the founders are a living centerpiece of the business and their vision and values can be experienced by every coworker every day. But then a tragic thing happens: Success. It means that people working in a company don’t have access to the founders any longer. They cannot feel a company’s essence anymore.

So, what to do? The entrepreneur will be replaced by things being written on a poster near the entrance. Today, on almost every website you find mission and values statements. Most of them have little meaning. Some even are neither missionary nor visionary. Just dull. Like “We want to grow!” So, how can your company come up with meaningful missions and visions? And even more – how can you implement them?

These questions appear even more relevant in the light of today’s applicants’ market. New employees want a meaningful work and a stimulating environment. And they know how to get it.

So here is our invitation to you:

And please, if you intend to do this top-down, don’t ask us to help you.