In hindsight discoveries and inventions were often being described as a consequence of putting a genius mind to use. Reality is, that these phenomena most times can be seen as an unplanned consequence of mistakes, bad timings and serendipitous observations.  Mistakes specifically ask for some philosophical thinking: One definition of a mistake is the breach of expectations. So is there a problem with expectations in relation to innovation?  We think there is. The purpose of being innovative is an obstacle to true innovation!

Established organisations have adopted a very structured way of working that leads to a very structured way of thinking. This puts them in a disadvantage in comparison with start-ups that are used to questioning every part of their strategy every day. We still believe that there is great potential within every grown organization to come up with fresh thinking and new ideas but first of all there is a necessity to tackle the all-too structured thought process.

So, mindfracking uses 2 modules – one part as an experience oriented format that rips the habitual working day apart and funnels a jet stream of fresh air and a second part that focusses on turning observations, impressions and emotions into a process of creation.

For our clients we offer 3 formats: