How does NEW feel? How far will your curiosity carry you? Experiencing something new has a total different feel to different people. We need to take account of that. So, when we deal with new we need to get personal. Remember, only very very few people ever embarked on a wooden ship without modern navigation systems and sailed out to the horizon to discover yet unknown continents. Most people would prefer to stay home and buy a book about the epic voyage.

Mindfracking starts with confronting people with the new and working out the impact on a personal and also on a team level. We formulate metaphors to get a grip of the change to come. And we coach people on an individual base if needed.

Change is not working without a visible goal. Mindfracking is working on designing change in its figurative meaning and in the most literal sense. So, we are not only addressing the process. We are talking about the look, the symbol, the meaning.

Designing change is too variable to come as a package. Let us discuss your needs.